Course Tour

Golf Course Tour

1st Hole

Hole Description

A right center drive opens up the hole for a long iron approach. Avoid blind pond on left. 2nd shot should favor the right side of geen complex.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 429 7
White 405 7
Yellow 380 7
Red 372 3

2nd Hole

Hole Description

Using the proper tee box should get your drive to the top of the hill which opens a view of the rest of this par 5. Choose 2nd shot that offers a full approach club in to elevated green. Green has a false front and short approaches may roll back down the hill.

Par5 Yardage HDCP
Blue 497 5
White 432 5
Yellow 384 5
Red 380 7

3rd Hole

Hole Description

A Short par three where the ball must be kept below the hole location on a severely sloped green. The front bunker means a high trajectory shot is a must.

Par3 Yardage HDCP
Blue 134 17
White 129 17
Yellow 119 17
Red 115 17

4th Hole

Hole Description

Players must choose the correct club off the tee to avoid creek running across the fairway in the valley. 2nd Shot is to an elevated green which usually requires an extra club. (Before teeing off is a good time to check pin position on #5)

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 386 11
White 358 11
Yellow 342 11
Red 331 9

5th Hole

Hole Description

Choose between a short drive and a level lie for 2nd or go for distance and face a shorter but challenging severe uphill lie. The approach is blind and the green is well protected by a deep greenside bunker on the right.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 391 3
White 376 3
Yellow 296 3
Red 291 1

6th Hole

Hole Description

Baby brother of #4. Once again club selection is critical to avoiding creek running the width of the fairway. Green slopes away from fairway and is difficult to hold.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 375 13
White 354 13
Yellow 338 13
Red 324 11

7th Hole

Hole Description

Bring your driver to this longest of par fours at RGC. A long drive will set up a blind second shot to a rather large green that slopes from right to left. Use lone tree behind the green as an aim guide to center of the green.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 469 1
White 442 1
Yellow 422 1
Red 417 5

8th Hole

Hole Description

Water left, right and long make tee club selection and accuracy a must on this par 4. A right center drive sets up a straight approach to an extremely narrow 3 tiered green.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 333 9
White 298 9
Yellow 274 9
Red 262 13

9th Hole

Hole Description

Let er´ rip to the widest fairway at Rye. Flat fairway bunkers actually protect shots from worse problems and short iron approach is the easiest shot on the front nine.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 304 15
White 292 15
Yellow 268 15
Red 226 15

10th Hole

Hole Description

Add an extra club for elevation on this challenging par 3. Accuracy is a must as bunkers left and right protect a fairly flat putting surface.

Par3 Yardage HDCP
Blue 172 16
White 158 16
Yellow 144 16
Red 135 14

11th Hole

Hole Description

A monster par 5. Long in yardage and elevation this hole requires 3 excellent shots to have a chance at a green in regulation. Blind fairway bunkers wait to swallow up ambitious second shots. The fun doesn't end there as a generous sized green offers many challenging pin placements and makes approach shot accuracy a must.

Par5 Yardage HDCP
Blue 574 2
White 558 2
Yellow 493 2
Red 490 2

12th Hole

Hole Description

Short in length, long in character, this little gem waits to trap the careless. Two fairway bunkers demand an accurate tee shot and the smallest green at Rye is bunkered on all four sides. Putt cautiously on the severely sloped green.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 301 14
White 294 14
Yellow 287 14
Red 281 12

13th Hole

Hole Description

A classic! Narrow fairway asks for a right to left tee shot. Approach shot to semi blind green leaves no margin for error. Bunkers guard left and right of the green and behind the green is a 30 foot drop off.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 398 6
White 386 6
Yellow 378 6
Red 370 10

14th Hole

Hole Description

Short par three uphill. Can't miss short, long, right or left and beware right side hole location. Many easy bogeys made here.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 136 18
White 121 18
Yellow 104 18
Red 96 18

15th Hole

Hole Description

The longer the tee shot the narrower the hole becomes so laying back off the tee is a nice option. Easy approach shot needs to be below the hole. This green is deceptively difficult.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 358 10
White 323 10
Yellow 292 10
Red 286 8

16th Hole

Hole Description

The drive must be hit to the right center of the fairway to avoid being blocked by the redwood tree that protects the left. The approach must favor the left portion of the green to avoid the right front bunker and accommodate a green that slopes from left to right.

Par4 Yardage HDCP
Blue 427 4
White 410 4
Yellow 342 4
Red 340 4

17th Hole

Hole Description

The hole can play any where from 207 to 130 downhill yards so make sure of your distance. A conservative shot to the front left portion of the green makes for an easy two putt no matter where the hole location is.

Par3 Yardage HDCP
Blue 187 12
White 154 12
Yellow 137 12
Red 115 16

18th Hole

Hole Description

An Excellent finishing par 5. The tee shot must find the fairway to set up a challenging 2nd shot from an uphill lie. Keeping the approach shot below the hole location is a must here on the most severely sloped green on the course.

Par5 Yardage HDCP
Blue 473 8